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July 1, 2020 War against Midian -Part 1

This is a rendition of Judges Chapter 7

By 3a.m., Gideon and his army rose and went as far as the Harod Springs. The Midianite army
was camped in the valley near the Moreh Hills, north of the Israelites.
As Abana, Ethan, and Aaron marched with the rest of the army, Abana expressed his fear to his
friends. “My wife and children, my parents; what happens to them if I die?”
“I have the same fears,” Ethan said.


Then the Lord spoke to Gideon, Jerub-baal, you have too many warriors with you. If all 32 000
of them fight the Midianites, the Israelites will boast that they were saved by their own strength, so,
tell the people, “Whoever is afraid may leave Mount Gilead and return home.”.
And Gideon delivered the word of the Lord to his men. Aaron said to his friends, “Do not go on if
you have such fears. What’s the point of you fighting the battle in doubt? It will get you killed faster.”
“The Lord will give me the strength I need to go on,” Ethan said and lived up to his name (which means
firm, strong, and enduring).
But Abana could not quell his heart. So, 22 000 men went home and only 10 000, who were
willing to fight, stayed.

But the Lord spoke to Gideon again, They are still too many, Gideon! Lead them to the spring
and I will test them to determine who will fight and who won’t. You will divide them into two groups:
those who drink from their hands and those who drink with their mouths in the stream. Now, ask
them to drink.


Many of the men were wondering why he brought them to the spring. One of the men, Nathan,
already had a problem with Gideon. They’d grown up together and Gideon always seemed to be the
better person. The great Jerub-baal, he thought to himself, who does he think he is. What does the Lord
even see in him? They still had quite a journey to go. “Drink,” Gideon said. Nathan scoffed but still drank
anyway. He knelt and drank with his mouth in the stream.9700 men did the same. And the Lord said, With these three hundred, I will give you victory over Midian. Tell the rest to return home. So, Gideon repossessed all the provisions and weaponry of the other warriors and sent them home. Nathan opened his mouth in shock. He was sure this was Gideon’s personal vendetta against him.



‘There is strength in numbers, yes, but even more so in collective good will. For those endeavours
are supported by mighty forces unseen.’ –Richelle E. Goodrich.

‘For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love, and self-discipline.’ -2
Timothy 1:7.

‘…I am with you always, even to the end of age.’ –Matthew 28:20.


picture credit: the internet

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