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June 7, 2020 Knowledge beats Fear

Hello dear reader. So today I am going to narrate a story and draw some lessons from it. Where I live with my family, we have been having poor water supply despite paying regularly for this service. It was so frustrating and could really mess up your day right from early in the morning. You open the taps and no water comes out. So whenever the taps upstairs were flowing, you would find me telling my kids to go fill up drums and buckets with water so we could have a supply when the water supply from the taps failed.

I have had some not so good experiences with plumbers who would tell me that they could fix this issue but failed to do so. Also I cross checked with my neighbours on my street and found out that they were all experiencing same. I took solace that this problem was not unique to me and that others were going through it with me, so perhaps I just had to manage my situation. I was content knowing I was not alone.

However, I came in contact with a particular plumber who seemed to know his onions well. He told me that I would need to get a booster pump to help me with the water pressure into the house and then all my water problems would be a thing of the past. My past experiences with other plumbers on this issue created fear and doubt in me and so I kept refusing to do what he told me repeatedly.

Finally things got to a head and I was desperate for a solution and so I asked him if he was sure it would work, to which he said an emphatic ‘yes’. I took the plunge and did as he suggested and since then I cannot believe how fear almost deprived me of the peace I am now enjoying. I cannot believe I suffered unnecessarily for so long. The water pressure is normalized all through my house and my water drums have now become unnecessary, and my kids are having a blast with this new water experience.

As I was thinking on it, it came to my mind, how fear nearly deprived me of what I now enjoy so well, and I sensed God asking me, how many things have you denied yourself because of fear, regardless of my assurances? Fear holds you back from God’s best and promises. You have to launch out in faith and know that the One who has promised us and assured us repeatedly is trustworthy and dependable. Find out what God is saying about your circumstance, get that knowledge through the Word of God and in the place of prayer. Do not suffer in ignorance. All our human efforts at managing our circumstances do not equal to Divine intervention, they pale in comparison and become redundant when a divine solution emerges.

Numbers 23 verse 19 (NIV) says “God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” It is a blessing to know that we can truly rely on God and that he will not disappoint us. What has God told you? What has He instructed you? What word has He released that you are holding on to? You are in safe hands. Do not let fear hold you back or prevent you from having a life changing experience that God offers so freely. Also never restrict your own experience to what others are going through. You are different and can have more. Do not hide behind crowds.


God is the Promise Keeper. Amen.


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