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July 12, 2020 Jesus my Advocate

Today at Sunday Worship Service in my local church, the minister talked about Jesus our Helper and Friend, and we have been looking at the Theme “Looking to Jesus” from Hebrews 12 verse 2. I was so blessed and encouraged by that message and I would love to expatiate briefly on one of the many points he made. If you would love to listen to the full message you can do so by viewing it here.

Now, one of the many roles he pointed out that Jesus plays in our lives is that of the Advocate. Yes Jesus did give us the Holy Spirit to be with us after he left and returned back to the Father, but Jesus is still our Advocate in Heaven. His business seated at the right hand of the Father now is to make intercessions for us and to plead our case always before the Father.

I do not know why this resonated so well with me, perhaps it is due to my legal background, I do not know, but let me flesh this out for you. I know that in Nigeria, the legal system is a bit hindered and hampered in reality from flowing how the law was conceived and drafted, so perhaps we would use a working legal system as a reference point.

In a normal and functioning society, a suspect is not meant to be questioned without their lawyer being present. That lawyer maybe the most expensive lawyer whose fees per hour is unrivaled, or a lawyer from the government known as a Public Defender, or the Nigerian equivalent of a “Charge and bail lawyer”. Basically, the law says a suspect has rights and should not be questioned or interrogated without a lawyer present. Any statement you get from a suspect without complying with this legal requirement jeopardizes the case and could render that statement or confession invalid. The innocent has a right to his lawyer, the guilty also has a right to his lawyer.

Now imagine this. Jesus our High Priest, the One who went to Calvary to pay for all your sins and offences with his life and his blood is standing as your lawyer in the heavenly Court. When the enemy brings a case against you, the lawyer who is in your corner is Jesus. When the storms of life are trying to get you to speak contrary to what God has said and settled concerning you, refrain like the suspect from speaking without your lawyer being present. Make sure you invite Jesus into every matter by prayer and hold your peace till he shows up. Speak the words only that He tells you to speak. Therein lies your victory.


Jesus your advocate has battled the enemy at Calvary and won him hands down. I am sure that He also will not lose in your own matter you have entrusted into His capable hands. There are times when we take our eyes off Jesus, or forget his counsel, we begin to flail in the storm. This reminds us even more of the need to remember who is in the boat with you. Jesus your advocate is pleading your matter before the Father, he is right there with you and will not leave you nor forsake you. We can take him at his words.

Do not let the grip of sin and self condemnation also make you think this Advocate is not capable of securing your release. There is no depth that man has sunk to that the blood of Jesus cannot rescue from. Trust your Advocate like the guilty criminal still trusts his lawyer to do something about his situation. Jesus our advocate can do better than any lawyer paid with money. The Bible says that whoever the Son of man sets free, is free indeed (John 8 v 36). However, like the condemned criminal behind bars or the arrested suspect, you have to say “I choose Jesus to be my Advocate (Attorney)“, you have to give him the right to represent you.

When the waves of pressure and challenges seem to be higher than you, when it seems that your tears cannot be stopped, call out His name. Call out to Him in prayer and you will discover that your Advocate never left your side at all, that He is right there with you and that there is only one way this storm will end if we remain with Him, It ends with us having the Victory of Christ!


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